About the Farm

There is a magic here at New London Farm that is evident from the moment you drive up the driveway.  You are escaping to another time, another place where the energy comes not from your phone notifications, but from the sounds of horse's hooves in pasture, from the goats bleating, and from the chickens running around.  

It's a place that's a short drive from the city, but a world away. 


What We Do

Whether you want to learn more about #farmlife, have an unforgettable date night experience, or celebrate a special occasion - our animals and staff will take care of you. 

We also rescue animals that are neglected, headed for a kill pen, or severely suffering.  We heal them.  And then they heal us. 

Join the Cause

Whether you want to help support the further rescuing of horses, llamas, and alpacas, or you're interested in volunteering to assist with grooming, feeding, and the caretaking of our animals, we would love to have you!