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Interacting With Our Alpaca's During Your Tour.

New London Farm is home to an amazing herd of two

Llama's and four Alpacas. During our tours our guests are able to interact with them in their environment. Alpacas are friendly and gentle animals, so interacting with them can be a delightful experience. Here are some tips for interacting with Alpacas:

  1. Approach them calmly: Alpacas can get spooked, so approach them slowly and calmly. Avoid sudden movements or loud noises.

  2. Let them come to you: Alpacas are naturally curious, and they may approach you if they feel comfortable. Allow them to come close at their own pace.

  3. Offer your hand: When an alpaca approaches you, extend your hand with your fingers closed together, allowing them to sniff and investigate you. This is a way for them to get familiar with your scent.

  4. Avoid sudden movements: Alpacas are prey animals, and they have a strong flight response. Sudden movements can startle them, so it's best to move slowly and gently when interacting with them.

  5. Respect their personal space: Alpacas have a comfort zone, and getting too close to them may make them feel threatened. Maintain a respectful distance until they show signs of wanting closer interaction.

  6. Scratch their neck and back: Once an alpaca is comfortable with you, they may enjoy gentle scratches on their neck and back. Use your hand to stroke them in their favorite spots, but always be gentle.

  7. Watch their body language: Alpacas have various body language signals that indicate their mood. Pay attention to their ears, tail, and overall posture to understand their comfort level.

  8. Offer treats: Alpacas love treats like hay, grass, or small amounts of grain. You can offer them these treats as a way to bond with them. Make sure the treats are appropriate for their diet and offer them in moderation.

Remember, every alpaca has its own personality, so be patient and let them dictate the level of interaction they are comfortable with. Enjoy spending time with these gentle creatures and appreciate their unique personalities during your tour here at New London Farm

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